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Kristin Lebovitz
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United States
This is my future. I will be a writer. It is my dream, to be published and appreciated. I hope you like my work and maybe it makes you feel or you take it to heart maybe it causes you too change. I Love with all my heart to write. And I also love my amazing albino boyfriend Alby <3

My Life is difficult right now I'm going through a lot so my works are usually dark unless they're about the moments I am truly happy.

I have a few really close friends who are all on here now :] and I love all of them.

Music keeps me sane. A Day to Remember, Asking Alexandria, D.R.U.G.S., Memphis May Fire, OM&M, BMTH, Beneath The Sky, and a bunch of others are my favorites :]

I hope you enjoy my venting and expression

Current Age: 17, Current Residence: MA, Favorite genre of music: Country, Alternitive, Hardcore, Metal, Favorite style of art: writing and poetry and photography,
Lots has happened in 5ish months. I'll stay away from the bad. I want to tell you guys about something that was magical for me. 

I took my boyfriend to New York. 
Our 4 year anniversary is July 3 but I had to give him his gift early. 
His favorite band played a show in NYC and it was the closest date that had VIP tickets. I got him one and then added the meet and greet package. I managed to keep it all a secret for like 2 months. I packed his fav band tee and when we settled into our hotel room I told him that nights plans. It went perfectly and I got to sneak into the meet and greet because roadies are amazing people. 

It goes without saying that the show was amazing and we found some new music. We even made a show friend but I only ever got his first name so I'll never see Rob again but he was sweet and said that what we were doing was very romantic. After a night of rocking we got to wander around times square. In the morning we saw a few more sights and ended our trip with the empire state building.
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This was my second favorite moment.  The first being a small everyday thing that he does for me. We were walking along and I was talking to him looking at him instead of where I was going. He moved his hand and from my side down to my hip guided me around an obstacle I was about to walk into. All was done without saying anything or interrupting me. That one moment showed me how connected we are. How passion grew into love and love has had time to mellow into a perfect comfort. We know each other inside and out and I don't want to loose him anytime soon. 

Hopefully he figures out something for the forth because I'm done planning. It was a lot of fun. 
  • Mood: Attraction
  • Listening to: Beneath The Sky
  • Reading: Zombie books

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I wanted to do this for a long time but I just need to get it over with.
I don't even know if you check this thing anymore or even care to but I wanted to leave this for you in case you ever happen to find yourself wandering back to the middle school and high school years. I think about the time more often than I will ever admit and it is the reason I've gone down my particular path. My initial intentions in this friendship, and in all of our friendships, was to make friends...didn't we all? But for some reason, I don't know what, or how, or why, or when, or who, or this or that changed but something did, maybe in me, maybe in you, maybe in someone else around us causing us to do irrational things. Or maybe we had family crisis and priorities we had to attend to. We're all adults now, we can accept that no one is innocent.

I know it might be cliche or whatever you wish to call it but I do feel the need to respond to your dedication.
Hello Kristin, I'm glad that at least, back when you posted this, I was still a thought that seemed to ponder into your mind every now and again, and I wonder if I still am. We were a huge part of each others childhoods and I would hate to never be able to rehash the good times that we did have when we were kids. The dare devils club.  that time we drank in my kitchen and rode our bikes to your house hiding from our parents every second laughing the whole way. Our little group we had. We would just do things cuz we could. Hang out because we enjoyed each others company. And I miss that. You were honestly the closest thing I can say I've ever had to a best friend, not considering boyfriends and such but that's different. Like I said, I don't know what happened, but I never started hating you until I learned you hated me. Accusing me of coping your work. Talking shit constantly with Kelsey (excuse the harsh mention but it has to be said) about how for some reason I was this horrid person like. what did I do?
 - I don't know if you remember that night...I came over albys house with you&alby, kels, james, jay nd me nd we played truth & dare nd shit, i think u got a smiley face on your ass, james had to do something with the toilet, alby and you changed clothes I think? but  yeah. After we had a great night laughing and enjoying company, i learn your simply doing the usual, catty bullshit everyone hears about and dissing the bff behind their back like some fake princess. Now, I understand I may have not been the best friend in the world, But i never hated you until all of your world turned on me. I don't know why you thought I would ever copy you work. If any of my poems resembled any of yours it was simply because maybe, we had similar emotions, similar ideas, we were, in fact, friends. who thinks best friends wouldn't share similar feelings and thoughts and rhymes and themes. It was this social media website. Doing it for attention? weren't we all? we just wanted someone to support our ideas and if that meant posting these heartfelt, dramatic and melodramatic poems about depression and anxiety to do it then why the fuck not we did it.

I didn't want any of this to happen. Ever. This was never my plan. of course it never is. I wish i could still walk down the street to my best friends house and play cards  and have a drink or smoke a joint or something like that if you do any of that shit lately. But I can't because life got complicated. I think we became each others poison and we just fed off of it. A reason to continue down our paths we thought were full of endless darkness and death. I know I'm no where near better but I'm hoping this helps. I don't remember the last time I felt at peace with my past and with everything that I, that we and that all of us went through. We never shared the worst of it, maybe for the better maybe for the worst. We cut each other off at the peak and who knows how we ended up here but we are here.

Honestly, I hope you do find this and take it to heart. I've thought long and hard about what I've wanted to say to you over the last couple of years and this isn't even the beginning but it's a start. I'm sorry for, well...everything I guess. Cliche, yes. But true today and every other day of my life. As said, I don't know what happened, but I'm truly sorry that it did happen. It is a shame...because I think we would made wonderful friends if we ever cross paths in the future. But I don't know, it seems like there is too much between us now, but I hope one day maybe we could ask our questions and settle our disputes, come to peace face to face - who knows if that day will ever come and if it doesn't I'm okay with that. But if it does, I also hope that we can be civil...I don't want to cause you, or any one else pain in any form, I just want peace with this to move on to the next chapter.

-with care,
Laura Rose
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Happy Birthday. Hope life is treating you good.
JohnnyandMe Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Hobbyist
Please stop cutting it is not worth it. I used to cut myself and I know it is hard to stop but please try to not cut anymore. Try the butterfly project or something else if you like. 
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Thanks heaps for the fave :)
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